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Austin Gold

The irony is, despite having a name that sounds like a brand of pouched tobacco, in Rock ‘n’ Roll terms, Austin Gold is a breath of fresh air. Hailing from the (not very) Rock ‘n’ Roll Peterborough, the band have raised eyebrows on the strength of their hugely impressive first two studio releases.

As holders of a Classic Rock Magazine award, the band’s reputation is widening, and this third album is another slab of good, honest Blues Rock. There is no doubt that when it comes to this genre, there is something pulsing through the British DNA that makes them do it a whole lot better than everyone else.

The opening hat-trick of tunes, ‘Never End’, ‘Cut & Run’ and ‘Our Last Stand’, fly the flag majestically, with massive helpings of resonating choruses and melodic hooks. Hair-raising ballad ‘Get In Line’ deserves to be bouncing across the mainstream airwaves with its suave, bluesy tones.

With fellow British acts like Kris Barras and Joanne Shaw Taylor steadily making their way to the top table, Austin Gold sound suited-and-booted for the same. Widely appealing, and mammoth tracks like ‘Days’ and ‘Real You’ won’t do that quest any harm at all.

Reviewer: Brian Boyle

Label: TMR Rock

Genre: Hard Rock

Issue Reviewed In: #101

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