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Cheri Lyn has been a presence in the UK Blues scene for several years now, switching between her time in London and her German homeland. Whether writing Blues-based interviews and reviews for this very magazine, playing live with Helen Hurd with their duo ‘Toxic Gold’, supporting the likes of Chantel McGregor, or releasing well-received solo EPs such as ‘Secret Love’, she has successfully ensured her name was kept in the public view.

Having appeared already this year on the hard-rocking Circle Of Friends album with the wonderful ‘Time Has Come’ (see cover CD), now is finally the time for her debut solo album. World-wide events may have dictated a change from the previously announced title ‘Warrior’ to ‘Saviour’, but the themes of empowerment and standing up for, and believing in, oneself permeate throughout this wonderful CD.

While there are definitely Blues-flavoured moments on this album, like ‘Rules Are Meant To Be Broken’, ‘The Way I Am’ and ‘No More Love Songs’, the latter with an almost Gary Moore feel to the guitars, elsewhere we have delicious piano- soaked ballads like ‘Little Love’ and ‘Unspoken Words’ which do a wonderful job of highlighting Lyn’s sensually emotional vocals. Then we have the more rocking opener ‘Showman’ (check out the video), the wonderfully atmospheric ‘Cold Red Rain’, and former title track, the up-lifting, self-belief of ‘Warrior’ (again, see cover CD). The album ends with ‘In My Dreams’, a true “WTF” song which is based on actual dreams. It embraces an almost surreal structure, ambient and hypnotic, but always holding your attention as it refuses to relinquish its incorporeal grasp.

This is not a pure Blues album, but more of an emotional journey, with feelings dripping from every word. The vocals often switch from a smoky, sensual sweetness to rasping sexual hunger, usually within the space of a single line. A true vocal solo album, and a performance to be highly admired.

Reviewer: Bruce Mee

Label: Independent

Genre: Blues

Issue Reviewed In: #100

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