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Jo Dog Paul Black Sonic Boom

Two men who have been places in this business – Jo with Dogs D’Amour, Paul with LA Guns, but both much more. They’ve worked together before, but this? This is a delight.

We have a welcoming outlaw Country voice to draw us in, then the Faces organ of ‘Tree For Shade’ makes us glad we did, whilst ‘Up For The Late Show’ throws an arm around our shoulders and tells us it’ll be alright.

There’s such a friendly feel here. Honkytonk piano; check. Party atmos; check. Glam goodness; check check – ‘Sugar Mama’ is a really success.

And the down-home battering beat in ‘Everybody Rains On My Parade’with drunken trumpet solo is worth spending time with, even when the guitars are harder, as in ‘Dead In The Water’, there’s an organ giving you a little wink.

Success on their own terms. No one is going to rain on this parade, if it pours, it will be just warming whiskey.

Reviewer: Steve Swift

Label: Black City

Genre: Rock

Reviewed In Issue #99

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