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Whisky Myers

Dullness: also see torpor. You can’t stand still. If you do, you tend repetition and then boredom. For them. For us. Whiskey Myers don’t stay in one place long, they have the grapefruits to try new things. Go to new places. Like Tornillo, on the Texas/ Mexico border where they spend twenty-one days to put this album together. Like the music, which doesn’t just introduce horns, it sometimes goes full Soul review.

Just listen to that mournful trumpet, joined by its brothers, swelling to welcome us, but ‘John Wayne’ soon unpacks a gob iron and tight backing, female backing vocals and fruity horns; that Soul review feel with a guitar ousting its riff to the front – funky but feet on the floor.

That Soul parping continues with ‘Antioch’, bass sax blarting, backing stomping around, the horns take ‘Feet’s’ to an Edgar Winter White Trash area, but there’s also a seventies Allman Bros feel to ‘Whole World Gone Crazy’.

There are life lessons to be learned too in the stunning seventies sounding ‘Other Side’, which rolls so sweetly. Then ‘The Wolf’ picks up the pace in a jam to end, ‘Bad Medicine’ just sasses up the Blues, tight, until the female backing vocals and horns join in and the whole thing flies to the dancefloor.

Oh, I love this. Edgar Winter glory with a Stax diversion; Antioch is going to be very popular this Summer.

Reviewer: Steve Swift

Label: Wiggy Thump

Genre: Rock

Issue Reviewed In: #99

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