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Cheri Lyn, quite possibly the next big noise on the Blues/Rock scene, releases her debut album ‘Saviours’ on Nov. 11th this year.

The album will also be released as a CD and in all digital stores and contains 10 songs, the core message being one of Inner Strength and Love, which is the strongest emotion of all!!

Cheri Lyn sees her mission in bringing humanity closer together with the power of music and to remind people what really matters in life. Therefore a percentage of each sold unit of the album will be donated to a refugee organisation.

Cheri Lyn- Cold Red Rain (Official Lyric Video)

Cheri Lyn is a true saviour, and on November 11th we can join her crusade to bring self-belief and inner- strength to the world!

Cheri Lyn is a German artist who is about to release her ground-breaking Debut LP: Saviours. What makes this release so special is the fact that the artist went to great lengths in order to create a very diverse, colourful sound that has so much to offer in terms of versatility and creativity: from handmade Blues/Rock tunes to big atmospheric & epic sounds, the music was clearly built around the story behind the songs.

Originally, the album was supposed to be titled ‘Warrior’ but given what’s happening in this world right now, Cheri felt like she wanted to give out a different message with her music, offering a voice to the unheard and standing up for peace, freedom and love.

It’s her deepest intention to empower people. She dedicates this album to all who unconditionally love someone, commit themselves to another, like a mother does for her child or a warrior fights to protect their loved-ones. It’s those little deeds that can make people turn into true Saviours!

The story behind some of the songs....

‘Woman’ – After I watched a theatre drama, called ‘The Witch Process’, I got upset about the fact that women have been suppressed and tortured so many times throughout history – and still are! With this song I want to create awareness about diversity and I want to call out for tolerance and equal rights! It is produced as a powerful, bluesy Pop tune with innovative beats and tribal sounds a la ‘Freedom’ by Beyonce.

‘The Way I Am’ – As the title says it, I want to create awareness that people shouldn’t care about what others think of them. Everyone is allowed to be themselves and everyone is different, and that is okay. ‘The Way I Am’ is a powerful and handmade Blues/Rock tune which we recorded live and in one take at the legendary Kangaroo studios in Karlsdorf, Germany

‘Little Love’ – The album has a good mixture of engaging power songs and heart-touching ballads. ‘Little Love’ is a beautiful piano ballad with big harmonic choirs that reminds its listeners of that exciting first time when you fall in love with somebody. It starts with a little love but you wish it would become something bigger and everlasting. It should also create awareness, that love is the most powerful and beautiful emotion we have.