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ABBA metal pack AMBERIAN DAWN take their chance and follow their passion into a new era of the symphonic metal genre. Combining nostalgic earworms with their dashing trademark sound, the Finnish quintet enchant fans with their cheerful ABBA classics. After the band released their latest singles “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)” and “SOS”, the vintage soundscape now reaches a higher level. Taking you straight back to arcades of the past, the third single “Super Trouper” convinces with high energy, skillful drums and deft guitar riffs.

The cover version of the very successful track comes around with an exciting lyric video and is cut from AMBERIAN DAWN’s upcoming covers album, bringing world famous songs by the legendary ABBA to the metal dance floor. The new covers album, Take A Chance – A Metal Tribute to ABBAwill drop this Friday, December 2 via Napalm Records. Follow AMBERIAN DAWN and ABBA’s legacy and dive into the fascinating worlds of two genres combined!
AMBERIAN DAWN on the new single: 
“Super Trouper became one of the best-sounding songs on this album. Capri's voice is just perfect for this one. Mikko Karmila created a very powerful sound with his mixing. All the elements like the vocals parts and the instruments are well balanced.”


Continuing their legacy from the previous album, Looking For You (2020), AMBERIAN DAWN have assembled to introduce ABBA-Metal, proving the band does not shy away from experimenting with genres while still staying true to their metal origins. Earworms combined with characteristic AMBERIAN DAWN elements truly metallicize the ABBAlegacy and transform it into a metal experience like never heard before. With skillfully implemented synthesizers creating vintage sounding keys, guitar riffs and vocalist Capri’s angelic voice, the original lines immerse perfectly with rocking instrumentals. Dashing drums ensure a high-paced experience that expresses the band’s identity without losing the catchy ABBA-reminiscent keyboards, renowned lyrics and nostalgic feeling of the original. Including evergreens like “Mamma Mia” and “Super Trouper”, AMBERIAN DAWNenchants with a variety of tracks. Representing a wide array of ABBA songs from high energy to moving metal ballads like “Like An Angel Walking Through My Room”, the band delivers astounding ABBA-Metal to a broad audience. So Take A Chance on AMBERIAN DAWN’s new album and get lost in the glorious new metal world of ABBA.
Tuomas Seppälä on the album:
“This was a ‘must do album’ for me. We had so much fun in 2019 working on our first cover song ever (which was ABBA’s ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’), that it was easy to make a decision to continue with a full ABBA covers album. The songs have been carefully selected, there’s a couple of big hit songs of course, but some of my personal favorites, like ‘The Day Before You Came’, are also included. The recording project was eventually a really big challenge for all of us and needed a lot of work, but we’re all 100% satisfied with the results. This album really sounds like an AMBERIAN DAWN album.”


Take A Chance – A Metal Tribute to ABBA track listing:
1. Super Trouper
2. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
3. SOS
4. Head Over Heels
5. The Day Before You Came
6. Angeleyes
7. That's Me
8. Mamma Mia
9. Under Attack
10. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room
11. Lay All Your Love On Me
In the following formats:
1 LP Gatefold Gold
1 CD - Digisleeve
Digital Album

Capri - vocals
Tuomas Seppälä - keyboards
Emil Pohjalainen - guitar
Jukka Hoffren - bass
Joonas Pykäläaho - drums

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