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The Damned
Photo Credit: Timo Jäger

 Pre-order the album “DARKADELIC” HERE

 "An eclectic grab bag of horror-pop, garage-punk, glam and psychedelic rock." (Classic Pop UK)

“Some of their finest recorded performances. The Damned have pulled a blinder.” (Vive le Rock UK)

“A late-era joyride full of grace and power.” (Mojo UK)

“You’re Gonna Realise” is the last single prior to the release of “DARKADELIC” on April 28th… the day the world will see the dark in a whole new light.

Its sound is trademark Damned… a little punk, a little goth, but this time with a lot of other goodies mixed in. The mood is darkly psychedelic with nods to their influences and history. Sonically and lyrically, though, it blasts away at any notion of nostalgia.
David Vanian’s lyrics vow “You’re Gonna Realise the past is just the past.” Captain Sensible brings infectious charm and modern guitar crunch. New drummer Will Taylor adds a new kinda kick. Paul Taylor on bass neat neat neatly propels things along. Monty Oxymoron wraps it all up with madman keyboard runs and flourishes.

Director Martin Gooch raises the ante for his final video in the filmic DARKADELIC trilogy. On-stage the band shows off the fine form seen on their recent European and UK tours, while outside the Damned new world expands with espionage, secret agents, car chases and… zeppelins!

Pre-order the album “DARKADELIC” HERE

“DARKADELIC” catches the band once again evolving and expanding upon their unique universe and features some of The Damned’s sharpest song writing and genre-bending performances. Alongside Dave Vanian, Captain Sensible, Paul Gray and Monty Oxymoron, William Granville-Taylor joins the band on drums.

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“DARKADELIC will be released on CD Digipak, 1LP Black Vinyl (Gatefold, 180g), Ltd. 1LP Transparent Vinyl including DARKADELIC Slipmat (Gatefold, 180g) and digitally on April 28th, 2023 on earMUSIC.

Several exclusive items, such as signed art prints, t-shirts and tote bags will be available via the official DARKADELIC D2C shop.